Superior Processing

Top Hops Farm understands that equally as important to growing Top Hops is the picking, drying, bailing, pelletizing, packaging, and storage of the hops. From soil to boil, Top Hops Farm works hard to bring you Top Quality hop product.

Top Hops Farm is proud to complete all harvesting and processing of our hops onsite. This includes picking, drying, bailing, pelletizing, packaging, and cold storage of brewers inventory. Completion of all aspects of the hops onsite under grower/owner supervision in a timely manner assure highest quality hops available on the market! 

The small scale of farming and processing at Top Hops Farm  allows for the opportunity to provide unmatched quality in the final hop product that our brewers use. From closer attention to detail in the hop yards, to drying the hops in our custom no heat added dryer; Top Hops Farm takes pride in producing premium quality hops that are available to all commercial brewers. 
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